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In House Optical Bonding

Jaco has perfected two different Optical Bonding methods to give our customers the right solution for their application.

7 years ago, frustrated with the poor quality, delivery and high costs from suppliers, Jaco made the decision to bring bonding in-house. After 2 years of extensive research and testing of materials and processes, Jaco started bonding production level displays for our customers.

Jaco utilizes class 10,000 and class 100 clean rooms to bond LCDs of all different sizes, completing thousands of bonds over the past 5 years. With the additional investment in automated equipment, Jaco has increased our through put while also lowering our Optical Bonding costs.

Each LCD and application have some similarities, but truly require unique processes. Our experience with different index-matched, optically-clear resins has helped us perfect each solution. Jaco engineers work closely with our customers in selecting the proper system solution, currently offering both an acrylate dual curing (moisture and UV) system, as well as a silicone room temperature curing system.

Some of the important design considerations are:

- Thickness of the bond (0.010” to 0.060”)

- Curing under black masking from a cover glass

- Adhesion strength (using the bonding with rear VHB as the of strength for display subassembly mounting)

- Impact resistance achieved through the addition of cover glass

- Installation of EMI mesh into a system with bonding

- Installation and tuning of Projected Capacitive touch screens

            o Film/Film o Film/Glass

            o Glass/Film/Glass

- Passing UL drop ball, Mil-STD 810 testing, EMI testing and temperature-cycle testing

- Non-Yellowing b* levels

- Mura resistant designs for IPS panels

- Fully custom LCD solutions with optical bonding without metal bezels for slim designs.


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