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TFT Displays




Jaco Display Solutions features a large selection of TFT LCD (Active Matrix LCDs) displays to accommodate the needs of OEMs across many different industries, including medical, automotive, marine, industrial, agricultural, gaming, transportation defense, aerospace and many more.

Jaco sources our TFT LCD Panels from most of the world’s major manufacturers such as KOE, AU Optronics, Sharp,  Innolux,  NLT , Samsung, AV Dispays, Emerging Displays and FEMA.

Jaco offers LCD TFT flat panel display solutions in sizes ranging from 1.8” - 85” with various aspect ratios and resolutions.   A large selection of available interfaces, brightness levels and temperature ranges ensure that our customers receives the most suitable TFT LCDs to suit their specific application, operating environment, and performance specification requirements.  Additionally, our LCD enhancement center will further customize your display through a variety of services including, touch screen application, backlight and film enhancement, ruggesdization, and embedded PC integration.

In addition to standard TFT LCD products Jaco also provides specialty, custom re-sized TFT LCD panels that are ultra wide with specific aspect ratios for digital signage, public transportation, exhibition hall, department store, vending machine, POS and industrial applications.   Jaco also provides custom, square TFT LCD Panels for avionics applications.



Jaco Display Solutions also offers custom, high resolution, Organic LED Micro displays for custom applications. Micro Organic LED technology uses an organic compound to produce light when power is applied. Because OLEDs produce their own light, there is no need for additional back-lighting as with LCD systems. True black can be achieved by turning off the current to a given element, whereas only dark grey is possible in back-lit systems.  As a result, OLED displays naturally offer a vast improvement in sharpness and contrast.

Jaco works very closely with customers to determine the perfect display for the application.  Jaco can also recommend and supply the proper LCD controller board, LED driver, cables, touch screen or other associated enhancements listed below.  The Display can be offered as a sub-assembly or fully integrated custom unit that meets customer’s environmental and EMI Specification.

• Optical Bonding
• Film Enhancements
• Surface Treatment
• Touch Screen  (Resistive or PCAP)
• Custom Backlight for Sunlight readability
• Interlaced, NVIS Filtered backlight for day time, night time and NVIS modes
• Environmental Considerations
• EMI/ RFI/TEMPEST considerations
• Video Controller or SBC